What is Life Science Dictionary Tool

Life Science Dictionary Tool is a Mouseover dictionary that can translate vast numbers of life science terms. 100,000 English terms and 110,000 Japanese terms available with examples and gene information collected from life science dictionary project (http://lsd.pharm.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/).

It will immediately pop up the meaning, related terms and example sentences when hovering the mouse over the unknowing technical terms.

Immediately translate phrases made with multiple words!

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Introduction of the functions

Pinning function

You can pin the displayed pop up.

Shrink Function

You can shrink the pinned pop-up and display only the title.

Key Combination

Translation operates only when pressing specified combination of keys.
(Click here for more information.)

Range selecting translation

When multiple numbers of phrases match, you can select one term and translate individually.
* Available when using key combination function.

Translated by the longest match

Selected phrase will be translated.

Change highlight style

You can change the highlight style of the term founded in the dictionary.


  1. Install Firefox to your computer from here.
  2. Install Life Science Dictionary Tool to Firefox from here.


  1. Open a web page where you want to use the dictionary.
  2. Detailed information will pop up when hovering the mouse over unknown words.
  • For more detailed usage, please click here.


Please send all inquiries regarding Life Science Dictionary Tool to the following address: Email : info@lsdtools.org
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btn_Installation.png Older Version : 1.0.09122500
Firefox 2.0 - 4.0